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Sometimes there is nothing like doing it for yourself.

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Trying something new is very exciting. To help you have the best possible introduction to martial arts, we offer a free introductory class. Small children will usually tryout a class with a group of their peers. For older children, teens, and adults, we take the time and make your introduction just for you. As exciting as it is, trying something new can be a little intimidating, especially as you get older. We try to lessen that feeling as much as possible by teaching you some of the basics on your first day, away from the group. If you decide you like it, you can enroll in classes the same day.

Before participating in an introduction or any other class, a release form must be completed for each new student. If the student is under 18 years old, the release form must be completed by a custodial parent or guardian. We schedule all of our introductory lessons to occur during normal class times.

How to sign up for a Free Introductory Class

To register for a free class, please choose one listed below. Make sure you choose one age appropriate for yourself or your child. Little Dragons are 4-5 years old, Power Dragons are 6-8 years old, Youth are 8-12, and the Adult program is for 13 and above.

Once you have selected a class, please scroll down and click on “Register for My Free Class.” When the form appears, please fill in the information for the student attending the class.