USA Seibukan Martial Arts Training Center


USA Seibukan Martial Arts Training Center offers a wide variety of training opportunities within our karate programs for adults and children. No matter what age range or skill level, every student will find an enjoyable, friendly and supportive environment where they can learn martial arts skills and values while having fun!

Each student is a unique person and is treated with respect and understanding, regardless of their age. Part of that respect comes through in our approach to teaching. Not everyone learns and accepts information the same way, so we focus on each students’ individual needs and learning styles. This helps each person get the most from their training.

Our school started as a club thirty years ago and its progression to where it is today is very similar to an individual’s progress through their study of martial arts. At first we learned the basics, then continued to grow and refine our program. Over time we matured from a club with a few people that met a couple days a week, to a school that has five programs and classes almost every day.