Getting Started

Getting Started is Easy

Children Stretching Before Class


There are a few ways to do it, choose the one you like…

Before participating in an introduction or any class, a release form must be completed for each new student. If the student is under 18 years old, a release form must be completed by a custodial parent or guardian. We schedule all of our introductory lessons during normal class times. First classes are just a bit different depending on the program’s age range. In our Little and Power Dragons Programs, new students join the rest of the class in normal activities but will have some extra help from one of the assistant instructors. Introductions for the Youth and Adult Program students are typically scheduled in small groups or one-on-one with an instructor.

Sometimes when people try something new they have a lot of questions on how to prepare. Feel free to check out our frequently asked questions page, but here are some of the questions we hear the most before people try a class…

What should I/my child wear?
Something comfortable that allows your body to move freely. Basketball or gym class clothes work well.
When should I/we arrive?
Please arrive five to ten minutes before the class is scheduled to begin. This will give you some time to complete paperwork as well as time for the person trying things out to get comfortable.
Where are we located?
1589 W. 5th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43212

How to sign up for a Free Introductory Class

To register for a free class, please choose one listed below. Make sure you choose one age appropriate for yourself or your child.

Once you have selected a class, please scroll down and click on “Register for My Free Class.” When the form appears, please fill in the information for the student attending the class.