Frequently Asked Questions

Self Reliant Child Studying

How do I start?
Check out our Getting Started page for all the details.
What should I wear?
Wear something comfortable that is easy to move in. Gym shorts usually work well, jeans usually do not.
How old do you need to be to take classes? Is there an age limit?
Our youngest students are our three year olds in our Little Dragons program. We do not have an age limit but it you have some concerns take a look at some of the videos posted on the program pages on the site. These should give you an idea of the types of movements we do everyday. If you are not sure your body is ready, ask your family medical practitioner.
When can students start, is there an enrollment period?
Students can start any day during during a regularly scheduled class.
Where is the school located?
We are in the Grandview and Upper Arlington area not far from The Ohio State University. Our address is 1589 West 5th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43212
What type of Martial Arts do we practice?
Our curriculum is Karate based but we sometimes practice other martial arts to change thing up and because they’re fun.
What style of Karate do we teach?
We practice the Shotokan style of karate. To read more about this world recognized style, see our Shotokan page.
Are we affiliated with other martial arts schools?
We are members of USA Karate – the olympic committee’s officially recognized governing body of sport karate in the United States.